GlobalYouthJobs seeks most exciting collaboration partners in the world- our goal to help under 30's co-create the next 3 billion jobs- billion renewing planet, billion renewing family and community, billion superapps that take global youth economies way above zero sum- after all actionable knowhow multiplies values in use unlike the old macroeconomic models of consuming up things

- as mentor harrision owen says sustainability goals wont be achieved without empowering under 30s now.. some of our favorite spaces and partnerships - wherever young chinese ladies take on open space- brac and bkash in bangladesh , baltimore conscious real estate movement which invests almost every cent made in designing open educational formats which can rock the world with joy- dubai's invitation to connect 100 GlobalYouth movements a year ; and coming Nov 2016 Glasgow's latest Adam Smith alumni event in the series of pro-youth economics that begun 2 weeks after dad's (NormanMacraeEconomist) death on interpendence weekend 2010 GYmacrae.doc

.Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner

Monday, May 22, 2006

job creators checklist year 30 Norman Macrae leaders quest Entrepreneurial Revolution -next capitalism's 3 billion jobs

Truth Entrepreneurs are not always famous – but search for who inspires the most goodwill flow in others’ interactions
Chapter Outline
Hi-Trusts’s Human Truth not Hi-Tech’s Rush
C1 Gandhi  at Origin: The Future’s Grounding  in Human Truth since 1907 – the big 7 sustainabity crises: 4 you see poverty, ill-health, war, carbon; 3 you dont ; grandad's 25 years of being mentored by Gandhi– East 1
 Poverty, Health & Cultural Peace
C2 Yunus & Abed – Turning poverty’s exponentials up – Microcredit Networks, Yunus Forum Networks- Credit & Human Rights – East 2
C3 Drayton & Briliant – A necessary American revolution in healthy cultural  cores – SE’s and early Detection, Earle Response ESNW 1
C4 Komesaroff, Lingis, Sadria– A worldwide journey in cross-cultural respect and celebration,  SENW1
C5 Community & Transparency’s Women : Nightingale, Montessori, Theresa, Sufiya B, Ghatt, Maathai, Robinson, Your Unknown Daughter's story  NESW1
Open Education for all ages : 10 times Lower Cost
C6 Mandela & Blecher & Branson: Elders to Vocational Youth  SENW2
C7 Gandhi 1-4 by Choice ESNW1 (the 250,000 children of CityMontessori and next 6 billion Gems)
Professions, Innovation & Media’s Ages: 10 Times Lower Cost
C8 (new summits and iki's) Berners Lee, Torvalds, Daley-Harris, Schwab, Chris Andersen & $100 Laptops & Flow (Csik and ) NW1
C9 Owen & Wheatley & Hampden-Turner & Trompeenars  NW2
C10 Gifford Pinchot, Harding , Guerrero, & Fenton NS1
C11 Ray Andersen, Margaret Blair, Naomi Klein and Joel Bakan, Jennifer Corriero, Kluft, TheGreenChildren,  NN1
C12 Skoll & Google Founders NW3
C13 Singh, Sonia,  Kalam, Stern & Prahalad  ESNW2
who's missing from the 48 alive above and hi-trust compasses? (Green's photosynthesis is too close to call) - what else is future's fusion too close to seol

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