GlobalYouthJobs seeks most exciting collaboration partners in the world- our goal to help under 30's co-create the next 3 billion jobs- billion renewing planet, billion renewing family and community, billion superapps that take global youth economies way above zero sum- after all actionable knowhow multiplies values in use unlike the old macroeconomic models of consuming up things

- as mentor harrision owen says sustainability goals wont be achieved without empowering under 30s now.. some of our favorite spaces and partnerships - wherever young chinese ladies take on open space- brac and bkash in bangladesh , baltimore conscious real estate movement which invests almost every cent made in designing open educational formats which can rock the world with joy- dubai's invitation to connect 100 GlobalYouth movements a year ; and coming Nov 2016 Glasgow's latest Adam Smith alumni event in the series of pro-youth economics that begun 2 weeks after dad's (NormanMacraeEconomist) death on interpendence weekend 2010 GYmacrae.doc

.Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Over from Washington DC 
this week our Global Youth team is in London connecting fans of the 40th year of dad Norman Macrae's Entrepreneurial Revolution - published 1976 Dec 25 in the Economist 

this began the leaders quest for next 3 billion jobs of net generation with the hypothesis that none of 20th century's legislated forms
 .com .gov .charity/ngo could sustain the majority of jobs which Norman hoped educators, BBC and tech wizards would empower youth to search out in 3 main spheres

***renewing planet
***renewing family, community and ending poverty
***celebrating how mobilising above zero sum superapps (eg the largest cashless banking system Home | bKash ) can leapfrog missing infrastructures of empire and industrial age -bkash haiols from 20 yeras of bangaldesh as lab from partnership experiments  in mobile for the poorest and microsolar 

 superapps can also open source Learning Communications Technolgies- eg how a wearable app can now turn sign language into spoken words

is there anyone at guardian who would be interested on meeting us

we have some breaking good news such as 

100 global youth networks are being invited to celebrate under 30s generation of jobs in dubai november - the idea being that 4 annual waves of alumni will build up to to dubai's 2020 expo being the most pro-youth ever (dubai's legatum has been a major investor in  global village phone coders experiments for nearly 20 years now) and dubai also hosts the million dollar teacher comoetition as an opportunity to celebrate teachers who help their institutions and children to love change world

we are hoping adam smith scholars in glasgow will host the greatest celebration of bottom-up econoimcs in november 2016 to start the 270th year of valuing system designs that are transparent and multiply markets' most trustworthy purposes- november would be timely as a counter-movement to whomever USA votes as president - our dc associates are aiming to launch a worldwide cable tv channel interviewing youth's world record jobs creators an idea that Chinese young females have been helping open space - as you know half of the world lives on 1% of the planet within 3000 miles of Beijing so what sustainability solutions chiense youth can help mediate is urgent as far as alumni of my father can linkin 

a bit more of what global youth can find in dad's writings is attached

Saturday, May 21, 2016

download- synopsis on book on most important question ever asked- it all began here in Scotland over quarter of a millennium ago

................................................................................................................................................................................................... : Ever since Glasgow University welcomed Yunus as the 21st C Adam Smith, at the 2008 quarter of a millennium celebrations - Glasgow has arrived as one of the 3 great academic (Kyushu Japan, 100 southern usa university consortium of SB student competitions) and pro-youth economics partners of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus . It has started up 2 journals of Social Business in 2010 as well as Glasgow Caledonian investment in the second social business professorship (first on healthcare and microcredit), the virtually free nursing college and from October 2012 Yunus as Chancellor. Of course, just as Scotland became one of the first worldwide diaspora nations we aim to maintain the most uptodate collaboration entrepreneur partner maps with Yunus and his 50 most exciting youth projects around the world of investing in net generation's co-production of millennium goals. For example down south in London, Yunus inspires the great microenergy awards network championed by Prince Charles and Lord Sainsbury's eldest daughter and his briefings 1 2 3 of staff at The Economist are world famous among leaders celebrating the 40th year of the magazine's genre of net generation Entrepreneurial Revolution and 170 year since Scot James Wilson started the world's number 1 end hunger viewspaper mediating sustainability of cross-cultural commonwealth.

join in mapmaking at questions welcome linksman to Foundation Norman macrae, The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

Back at his Nobel Prize, Muhamad Yunus surprised the world: he declared that he wanted to go beyond microcredit and converge microbanking, micro education for jobs and microtechnology. Look right to see the sort of expoential progress he's been making. Could it just be that 2012 will be the last year that presidential candidates spend billions of dollars advertising that they dont know how to invest in youth creating jobs.

..Could state by state youth jobs competituions be more economic than billion dollar naysaying elections. Why not join Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Dc. MD , VA in test marketing what student sb entrepreneurs can do thru ac year 2012-2013 - -special thanks to all those involved in reporting the first month of how NC started up the year 012-013


Scot, Norman Macrae, was The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant. His foundation celebrates pro-youth economics wherever friends of Norman's Entrepreneurial Revolution (Year 40 ) links It is our particular joy to celebrate and help sponsor student SB and jobs competitions with youth and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.