GlobalYouthJobs seeks most exciting collaboration partners in the world- our goal to help under 30's co-create the next 3 billion jobs- billion renewing planet, billion renewing family and community, billion superapps that take global youth economies way above zero sum- after all actionable knowhow multiplies values in use unlike the old macroeconomic models of consuming up things

- as mentor harrision owen says sustainability goals wont be achieved without empowering under 30s now.. some of our favorite spaces and partnerships - wherever young chinese ladies take on open space- brac and bkash in bangladesh , baltimore conscious real estate movement which invests almost every cent made in designing open educational formats which can rock the world with joy- dubai's invitation to connect 100 GlobalYouth movements a year ; and coming Nov 2016 Glasgow's latest Adam Smith alumni event in the series of pro-youth economics that begun 2 weeks after dad's (NormanMacraeEconomist) death on interpendence weekend 2010 GYmacrae.doc

.Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner